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Aghroum               Flat Kabyle wheat bread

Azul felawen        Kabyle greeting


Baklawa      Algerian pastry


Chaabi          Literally, people or folk. By extension, Algerian traditional folk music

Chamia        Name used in Oran for semolina sweetmeat eaten during Ramadan

Chahid          Martyr(s) or person(s) killed during the Independence War

pl. chouhada 

Chef de daïra       Head of a daïra – French sous-préfet 

Chorba     Meat and vegetable soup eaten in central and eastern Algeria

Couffin     Large floppy two-handled Algerian basket made out of woven straw


Daïra          Administrative district  in Algeria – French sous-préfecture

Darija         Algerian Arabic



or Therguez        Man (in Kabyle)


F’dai           Algerian urban underground fighter during Independence War

(pl. fidayeen)


Ghadoua      Tomorrow (gh- in darija is always pronounced like a French ‘r’)

Gharibia      Algerian cake (montecao in French)

Griwech        Algerian cake


Haïk         Traditional covering for women resembling a large white sheet

Harki       Algerian on the French side during the Independence War. Synonymous with traitor.

Hrira         Spicy meat and vegetable soup eaten in western Algeria


Kabyle            Algerian mountain Berber

Kabylie            Berber region east of Algiers in the Djudjura Mountains

Kalb el Louz     Literally, Heart of Almond.  Name given to semolina sweetmeat eaten during Ramadan

Ktaief        Algerian cake


Maida          Small, low, round table

Makensh      There aren’t any

Maison Carrée        Western suburb of Algiers, now called El Harrach

Moudjahid         Freedom fighter (s) during the Independence war

(pl. moudjahidine)


Nif               Literally: Nose   Figuratively: Honour or pride


Rai               Musical genre from Oran

Redjla           Man (in darija)

Tsitsé        Grandma (in Kabyle)


Voilette       Traditional face veil worn in Algiers, often edged with lace


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